• NameKris Haagensen
  • Location: Singapore
  • Genre: House / Tech House
  • Years DJing: 7


Kris Haagensen is a dynamic DJ known for his eclectic sets and captivating style. With experience at high-profile events like Tod’s fashion launch and the Google Playtime event, Kris has proven his ability to create memorable experiences tailored to diverse audiences. Regularly performing at popular clubs and bars in Singapore, 

Kris’s energy and skill keep the dance floor alive, making him a favorite among nightlife enthusiasts. His sets are a seamless blend of various genres, showcasing his extensive musical knowledge and ability to innovate. 

In addition to his live performances, Kris connects with a global audience through his YouTube channel, where he shares his mixes and musical journeys. This online presence allows him to reach fans worldwide, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented DJ. Kris Haagensen’s unique sound and professional approach continue to push the boundaries of his craft, establishing him as a standout figure in the music scene.


  • Element Events
  • Kinki
  • Tod’s
  • Google Play Time
  • Accor