• Name: Liana Azman
  • Location: Singapore
  • Genre: Hip Hop/ Open Format
  • Years DJing: 10


Liana, a seasoned maestro in the art of beats and grooves, who has been igniting dance floors for the past eight electrifying years. With an eclectic mix of talent that spans the realms of music, modelling, and songwriting, LI.A is a multi-talented sensation ready to conquer the world, one track at a time.


Liana’s musical journey is a testament to her dedication and passion. While her heart belongs to Hip-Hop, she thrives in the diverse realm of open format, effortlessly blending genres to create an unforgettable experience. Her mixes are a harmonious fusion of rhythm, emotion, and energy, setting her apart as a crowd favourite wherever she spins.


LI.A’s beats have transcended borders, spreading their magnetic pull across Asia’s vibrant party scenes. From the sultry shores of Bali to the bustling streets of Bangkok, from the pulsating heart of Kuala Lumpur to the serene Maldives, LI.A’s music has left an indelible mark. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences and set dance floors on fire has earned her a well-deserved place as a top DJ.


  • La Favela (5 x guest DJ)
  • Ce La Vie (Residency)
  • Zouk
  • Red Room (Residency)
  • Shiraz Club (Residency)
  • Sugar Club
  • HSBC Women’s golf 2016
  • AWS Amazon Tech Summit 2019
  • GrooveTop Events 2022-2023
  • Kampong Boogie Events 2022-2023
  • Element Events 2023-2024